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How To Decide If You Should Call a 24 Hour Portland Locksmith To Unlock Your Property

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Lost your house keys and wondering if you should call a Portland locksmith? Losing your house key might sound like a nightmare, but our Portland locksmiths are available to help at any time.

While it might sound tempting to try to unlock your door yourself with various tools, keep in mind that it is really easy to cause damage, and it can cost you more money fixing what has been damaged than it would to call a professional. Our locksmiths are available and can usually arrive to your location within 20-30 minutes, getting you safely inside right away. If you need emergency service, call or text us at 971-720-9939.

24 Hour Portland Locksmith Services: Unlocking Safes

People tend to forget safes keys! Who doesn’t? Especially if you are not used to accessing your safes regularly. Or maybe it doesn’t have proper maintenance, safes can malfunction just like cars. This happens most when you badly need something inside your safes. In this case, you’ll need to have a locksmith come and unlock it for you.

We know that accessing what’s inside your safes can be really urgent. We can usually open safes on the same day that customers call for service. Our Portland locksmith technicians are trained to both serve business and personal safes.

Don’t just let anyone handle your most important possessions. 24 Hour Lock & Key is committed to providing excellent customer services and helping you access your possessions as soon as possible. We also always value our customer’s privacy, be it a business or personal safe.

24 Hour Portland Locksmith Services: Unlocking Cars & Trucks

If you have never locked your keys in your vehicle, chances are one day you will. We’ve all done it. This may sound stupid but it happens. If you do find yourself locked out, our locksmiths in Portland OR are available to help you right away - saving you from having to try to unlock it yourself, which can also cause lasting damage.

We unlock all years, makes, and models of cars without damaging them. We can assure you our Portland locksmith technicians undergo proper training and certification, using special types of equipment to ensure that cars are unlocked quickly and safely. We can also make a replacement car key if you are locked out or just simply lost your key outside.

We can also unlock semi-trucks and Uhauls professionally, so workers who are locked out of their semis or families who are moving using a Uhaul can quickly access their vehicles. Our response time is within 20 minutes of your call to ensure no time is wasted and everyone can go back to business.

24 Hour Portland Locksmith Services: Unlocking Houses & Businesses

The holidays are fast approaching. It should be the most exciting time of the year. Unfortunately, studies show that crime rises during this season and a lot of intruders get into homes through unlocked front doors. How many times did you ask yourself if you locked the doors? Truth is, this happens all the time. But what if you are locked out of your home or business? That’s a different story then!

Lost your key or just surprised that the keys won’t work? This can be alarming especially when you just left something inside or you need to operate your business on time and need immediate access inside. 24 Hour Portland Locksmith Services can unlock all kinds of houses, apartments, condos, and businesses. Our Portland locksmith technicians usually arrive within 20 minutes of your call. We also can rekey locks, replace locks, or just simply repair them. If you aren’t certain what exactly you need, our locksmiths can give you their recommendations and let you choose how to proceed.

If you need service, call or text us at 971-720-9939 for immediate service.

To learn about how our Portland Locksmiths can assist with automotive issues, read our post on automotive locksmith services through 24 Hour Lock and Key.



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