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We are an entirely mobile, versatile locksmith service. Our Vancouver & Portland locksmiths are licensed and bonded, and we pride ourselves on excellent service and high quality work. Whether you're a business, a home owner or an automobile owner, our local locksmith services can meet your need. 


Easy Ordering

Simply give us a call or email about the locksmith service you need, and one of our expert, licensed locksmiths will contact you within minutes and set up a time that is convenient for you.


Professional Service

Why risk a scam or poor work? Our licensed & bonded 

lockmiths guarantee timely and reliable service. You can rest assured that our skilled technicians can handle any job, big or small.


Total Satisfaction 

Your order is completed quickly, correctly and to your satisfaction, leaving you happy with a job well done. Whether you need a car opened, your house unlocked, or a new set of keys - we do it all.

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