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Locksmith Portland Answers: Should I Rekey Locks or Replace Locks?

If you need to change your locks, a quick google search will show you several options, including rekeying, replacing locks and installing new locks. You might be wondering - what in the world is the difference between these things, and what do they cost?

One of the most popular questions our locksmiths in Portland receive from our customers is whether they need to rekey or replace their locks, and the answer completely depends on your individual needs. Below, we’re going to look at the reasons you might want to consider each option, so you can make the best informed decision about which to choose.

Locksmith Portland Explains: Rekey Locks

If you want to rekey locks, it means that our Portland locksmiths change the pins inside the lock cylinder so that it works to a new key. When you rekey locks, our Portland locksmiths do not change the external lock; you keep the same lock on your door that you had previously.

There are several reasons you may want to consider rekeying locks. For example, if someone steals your house or business key or your key is lost, rekeying locks is a good way to ensure that unwanted visitors cannot access your property.

Another reason that our locksmiths in Portland often hear regarding rekeying locks is when new homeowners purchase a home, and would like to change the key to the house so that realtors and other parties cannot access the home with the current key.

There are also times when rekeying locks is not an option - for example, if there was an attempted break-in and your lock has been damaged, we would recommend replacing the lock rather than rekeying it.

Locksmith Portland Explains: Rekey Cost

For most projects, our locksmiths in Portland charge $49 per lock we rekey, making rekeying locks a good option if you are trying to cut down on cost, since you would not be paying for new hardware. If you are trying to calculate an approximate cost for your project, just take the number of locks and multiply it by $49.

Locksmith Portland Explains: Replace Locks

Perhaps you are interested in replacing locks, rather than rekeying them, and would like to know what that entails.

If our locksmiths in Portland replace locks, it means that we change out the physical lock and replace it with a new lock. We can either provide the lock, or we can install a lock that you have purchased and would like to install.

There are a number of reasons that customers request to replace locks rather than rekey them. For example, if your lock has been sticking and appears to not be working correctly, we would recommend replacing your lock rather than rekeying it.

If you are remodeling or updating your home and would like to change the lock aesthetic, we would recommend replacing your locks. For example, if you currently have gold locks and decide that silver would work better after you paint the house, we would recommend replacing the gold locks with silver locks.

Our Portland locksmiths often receive calls from customers, wondering if we can both replace and rekey a lock. We definitely can do this, and there are several reasons you may want to.

For example, if your front door lock stops working and needs to be replaced, our locksmiths in Portland would install a new lock and replace the existing one. However, if you wanted to continue using the same key that you currently have, simply ask our technician to rekey the new lock to the old key. That way, the new lock will work with your current key and match any other locks that you have, assuming they also work to that work.

Our lock replacement prices depend on the kind of locks that you would like installed. We generally use Kwickset and Schlage locks and deadbolts, and for those we charge $69 per lock that needs to be replaced. If you would like to specialty order another brand of lock, such as Baldwin or Yale, we are more than happy to do so, and we can provide a price quote after seeing which lock you would like. We can also replace existing locks with keypad locks, and price depends on which keypad you would like.

Locksmith Portland Explains: New Lock Installations

Both of the options discussed above, rekeying locks and replacing locks, are for when you already have a lock on your door and would like to either get a new key or a new lock. There is also a third option - if you would like to add a new lock installation to a door that does not currently have a lock on it.

Our locksmiths in Portland do all kinds of new lock installations, on both metal and wood doors. The process involves making a hole in your door, where we then install the new lock. We often have customers asking for new lock installations if they are looking to up the security on their property, such as by adding an additional deadbolt to a door that already has one lock.

Locksmith Portland Lock Services: Who Are They For?

Our Portland locksmiths do all of these lock services - rekeying locks, replacing locks and new lock installations - for both residential and commercial lock projects. For more on our business lock services, check out our articles Locksmith Portland: 5 Reasons to Call a Commercial Locksmith and How Our Portland Locksmiths Can Help Your Business During Portland Closures.

You can also find more information on our Portland locksmiths and their residential lock services in our article Top Reasons to Call a Residential Locksmith in Portland.

For more on our company and our licenses and accreditations, you can visit our about page.



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