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Locksmith Portland: 5 Reasons to Call a Commercial Locksmith

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Owning or managing a business comes with a load of responsibility, one of the most important being physical security. Our locksmiths in Portland are not only specially trained and equipped for commercial projects, but they are also on call 24/7, and we work around your schedule to find the best time for you.

Today we will dive into 5 common reasons to call a commercial locksmith for your business.

Commercial Locksmith Portland: Rekey Locks at Business

When you own a business, building security is essential. You have an important responsibility to secure tools and equipment, product inventory, customer information and your employees themselves. Rekeying your business locks can ease security concerns and give you back key control.

There are many reasons to call a locksmith in Portland to rekey your business. If you move to a new office or building, terminate an employee, lose the keys or theft occurs, it’s time to rekey your business locks. When our locksmiths in Portland rekey a lock, they change the inside of the lock to work with a new key. This service ensures only authorized people will have keys to your business and any old keys will no longer work. This does not require replacing the entire lock and is usually a more cost-effective service.

2. Commercial Locksmith Portland: Master Rekeys for Business Locks

Does your business or office use a master key system? Our locksmiths in Portland are also experienced in master and grandmaster rekeys for businesses.

Master key systems are used by businesses that have different access needs — such as within office buildings, schools, apartment complexes and many others. A master key system allows owners or managers to control who goes where within the building. The master key opens all locks and additional keys only open specific locks. Our technicians have the professional knowledge and skills to work within your master key system to keep your key count manageable and your building secure.

3. Commercial Locksmith Portland: Replace Locks at Business 

Are you concerned about the quality of your locks and looking for a better option? Or have you recently remodeled and want new locks to match the new aesthetic? Maybe there was a break-in or break-in attempt that damaged your locks. Whatever the reason for your business lock replacement, 24 Hour Lock and Key has a professional solution.

Our technicians are trained to handle all kinds of business locks, including exit push bars and most electronic keypads. If you aren’t sure if you need a lock replacement, lock repair or lock rekey, one of our locksmiths in Portland can advise you on the best option to secure your business, giving you the information you need to decide. You might also find the information you need in our post explaining the difference between rekeying and replacing a lock.

4. Commercial Locksmith Portland: Repair Locks at Business

You have probably encountered a malfunctioning lock before. Handles loosen up, locks become stiff and keys don’t seem to turn as well as they did before. With so many employees, customers and vendors coming in and out on a daily basis, normal wear and tear to door locks and handles is amplified. Employees and customers push too hard on your doors, a key breaks off in a lock or a potential break-in causes minor damage. Or, maybe your key just stopped working.

Many lock problems can be corrected or repaired before they become so serious that you need a lock replacement. Rather than grabbing a wrench and trying to work on it yourself, it’s best to call our professionally trained locksmiths in Portland to take care of your lock repair needs.

5. Commercial Locksmith Portland: Unlock Office

We understand that getting locked out of your office can greatly interrupt workflow and hinder productivity. That’s why we always have a locksmith in Portland ready for emergency lockouts at your office or business. We can also unlock various things inside your business, such as filing cabinets, desks, interior door and safes.

Your security is important to us so we do ask for certain documentation to verify ownership or employment. You can show a valid ID along with an employment contract, building lease, official mail or other documentation.

Locksmith Portland: About 24 Hour Lock and Key

There are 3 major areas that locksmiths in Portland deal with - residential, commercial and automotive. While some companies specialize in one specific area, 24 Hour Lock and Key is a full-service Portland locksmith, meaning that we do work in all 3 areas - residential, light commercial and automotive.

If you would like to know more about what services we provide for our automotive and residential customers, check out 5 Reasons to Call an Automotive Locksmith and 5 Reasons to Call a Residential Locksmith.



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