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Locked Out of the House? Here’s What You Need to Do

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Getting locked out of your house can be quite frustrating and stressful. There are various reasons that you might get yourself locked out of the house, the most common one being that you were in a hurry and you forget to grab your keys. Whether you lose your keys while out and about or simply forget to bring them with you, we're here to help.

First things first: if you are locked out of your house take a deep breath - this happens to people all the time and we have numerous ways to help you get back in. While we completely realize that being locked out is inconvenient and can make you late to work or simply leave you stuck outside after a long day, we can help you get back in within minutes.

Locked Out of the House? Try a Window

Before you even give a locksmith a call, you might want to take a minute to check all the doors and windows. Often, we have customers call to request service, only to call again a few minutes later saying they realized their window or backdoor was open or unlocked.

If that sounds strange to hear a locksmith company saying you should try your windows before calling us - we want to be clear that while we are always happy to help, we want to make sure that you actually need our help. That being said, if you've checked and found that everything really is locked, here's what you should do next.

Locked Out of the House? Call a Locksmith

No matter what time of day you're locked out, we have locksmith technicians available to unlock your house or apartment. In addition to unlocking the exterior door to your house or apartment, we also unlock bathroom doors and bedroom doors - basically if it has a lock, we can unlock it.

Locked Out of the House? What We Need From You

If you are locked out of the house and want us to unlock it, we will need a valid government ID (such as a driver's license or state ID card) that shows you live at the address you would like to unlock. If you recently moved and the address isn't updated, we would need to see a rental contract or purchase document showing that you own or rent the house. If you have additional questions about what documentation is needed we are more than happy to discuss on a case-by-case basis - just give us a call at 971-720-9939.



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