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Key Unlock: Portland Locksmith Door Unlock Service

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Lockouts happen to everyone, no matter how careful you are. Sometimes you leave your keys in your car and lock it, lose your only set of keys or a lock breaks and you don’t have another way to get into where you need to be. Panic is common in those situations, and you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands. But instead of trying to break in yourself and causing damage, it’s best to call a local Portland Locksmith.

black parallel parked cars

1. Locksmith Portland: Car Door Unlock Service

Most of the calls we get for lockouts are when someone requests a car door unlock service. You may have been in a rush to get out of your car and forgot the keys inside or realized that your keys fell into the trunk while you were putting in groceries. Whatever reason leads you to call for car unlock service, we can quickly and gently get into your car so you can be on your way.

Our mobile automotive locksmiths in Portland meet you wherever you are stranded and can unlock virtually any year, make and model whether your keys are sitting in the ignition with the engine still running or stuck in the trunk.

If you’d like the peace of mind of having a backup car key or remote to protect you from getting locked out again, our automotive locksmiths can help with that, too. For more information on replacement car keys, read our answers to Common Questions About Replacement Car Keys.

2. Locksmith Portland: House Door Unlock Service

You step outside to check the mail or let the dog outside and the door shuts behind you. The sinking feeling in your stomach gets stronger as you try to open it, and the handle doesn’t turn. So, what’s next? Breaking a window or trying to karate-kick the door open may seem like a good way to quickly get back inside, but calling locksmith in Portland for door unlocking service is a smarter - and safer - way to go.

Portland locksmith technicians at 24 Hour Lock and Key have special tools and skills to get you back into your home in a matter of minutes.

unlocked wooden door

3. Locksmith Portland: Interior Door Unlock Service

Our professional door unlocking services are not just for your front door or back sliding door. Your home or apartment also has bedroom, bathroom or home office doors that could potentially lock and leave you unable to get inside those rooms.

Sometimes interior doors have been keyed differently from the front door to the home and you may not have any keys that work. Or maybe you’d like to install a bedroom door lock for extra privacy. We also provide residential locksmith services such as rekeying and lock installation. If you're thinking about additional lockwork in your home, read up on the Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing Your Locks.

4. Locksmith Portland: Business Door Unlock Service

We understand the importance of opening your business or office on time. If you’re locked out of your store, restaurant or office you have employees and customers relying on you to get inside and back to work. Our professional locksmiths arrive quickly to unlock your storefront deadbolt, electronic keypad lock and everything in-between.

If you experience lockouts frequently as a business owner, you may want to consider upgrading to a different kind of lock. At 24 Hour Lock and Key, our commercial locksmiths in Portland can provide a range of options for your business or office.

locked storage unit

5. Locksmith Portland: Storage Unit Door Unlock Service

At one time or another, most people will have to get a storage unit to store some of our things. A lot of the time, a storage unit is needed for a big move. Moving alone is a big venture and can be incredibly stressful - especially when you go to retrieve your belongings and realize you have lost the keys. Sometimes the storage facility has tools available for this occasion, but you also may find you need to call a locksmith for storage unit or storage door unlocking services.

Depending on the style and quality of the lock, our Portland locksmiths may need to cut the lock if picking it doesn’t work, causing the lock to be destroyed. Either way, one of our professional locksmiths will make sure you quickly regain access to your storage unit.

Locksmith Portland: About 24 Hour Lock and Key

If you would like to know more about our locksmith Portland qualifications, visit our about page to see info on our licenses and accreditations. We are a family-run business that has operated as a locksmith service in Portland OR since 2018. We also have locksmiths in southern Washington, including Vancouver locksmiths, Camas locksmiths and Battleground locksmiths.



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