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How to Choose a Reputable Locksmith Company

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

replacing residential door lock

Are you finding hassles with any kind of automotive, commercial or residential locks?

It is high time to find a reliable, trustworthy, and reputable locksmith service provider. No matter if you require a lock repair, emergency lockout solution, or maintenance, picking the best locksmith in Portland is the key to any problem.

However, before you hire any locksmith in Portland, you need to unlock the qualities of a good locksmith. Want to know these qualities and characteristics? Let’s get started.

1. Look for Recommendations

Asking for recommendations and referrals is the beginning point of your research. Get in touch with your friends, family, or relatives for getting some recommendations and locksmith options. Obviously, they also own a home or vehicle and might have dealt with hiring a locksmith in Portland - be it for automotive, residential or commercial purposes. Also, the recommendations provided by dear ones are reliable and worth looking into.

2. Consider Online Reviews

Considering the previous customer reviews is another great way to assess the worthiness of every locksmith in Portland. You can have a look at the websites like BBB, Yelp, and more where only the credible and authorized companies are registered. Also, the various clients and customers share their experiences with the specific locksmith company -be it positive or negative.

key broken in lock

3. Check Credentials

While most of the companies only hire experienced staff or train fresh employees regarding the job, numerous service providers are not legally accredited and serve the customers without possessing professional knowledge or skills. So, don’t forget to look for credentials and legal authorization before you hire any Portland locksmith.

You can find our Oregon CCB license and insurance information by searching “24 Hour Lock and Key” or by simply clicking here.

4. Ask If The Specific Locksmith is Insured

If your home or vehicle is covered with insurance then why not employ a locksmith in Portland who provides insured and bonded services? When you require a lock repair, maintenance of home locks, installation of new vehicle locks, or any other assistance, look for the insured and guaranteed services so you are not liable for any additional expenditures in any aspect.

locksmith unlocking car door

5. Get a Cost Estimate

The next step is to get the cost you will be required to pay for the locksmith assistance. Ensure you always ask for a cost estimate in writing including additional charges and service fees. Furthermore, having various cost estimates in hand is also a great way to compare the affordability and then choose the right locksmith. Isn’t it great!

Besides all this, you must pay attention to the physical address of the locksmith company, how qualified and trained the staff is, and what tools they use to deal with various locksmith hassles. However, if you are in search of credible and affordable locksmith in Portland with 24/7 assistance then call 24 Hour Lock and Key where our experienced and knowledgeable pros can do it all for you, whether you require automotive lock assistance, residential lock solutions, or commercial lock safety solutions.

We are a family-run business that has operated as a locksmith in Portland OR since 2018. We also have locksmiths in Salem OR and locksmiths in southern Washington, including locksmiths in Vancouver WA, locksmiths in Camas WA and Battleground locksmiths.

To find out more about what to look for in a reputable locksmith in Portland, read our post on how to avoid a locksmith scam.

If you're interested in what services we provide for our automotive, residential and commercial customers, check out 5 Reasons to Call an Automotive Locksmith, 5 Reason to Call a Residential Locksmith and 5 Reasons to Call a Commercial Locksmith.



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